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Mourning With Those Who Mourn: A Prayer for the Displaced, Lost, and Grieving

Earlier this month, I received an email from a pastor in London who found a prayer I wrote back in 2013. She was writing to let me know that her church had used the prayer in an online prayer time for their community as part of their socially-distanced worship during Covid, in which they gather prayers from all around the world to share with their listeners. It was a gift to hear from a stranger about a long-forgotten prayer that had served a distant community in 2020. As I watched the video this morning, it served me as well. Below are the video and the text of the prayer.

Mourning with Those who Mourn

(inspired by Jeremiah 29: 7, Romans 12: 15)

Heavenly Father,

who looks with loving compassion on all of your creation,

we lift up our prayers to you. There are so many who have been displaced—

by flood and fire, war and famine. May they be fed and cared for,

and may they find kindness on their journeys. Lead them to a safe place,

to find comfort under the shelter of your wings. May they find their home in you. 

For those who have found themselves where they did not expect to be, Oh Lord, hear our prayer. For those who have experienced loss –

of homes, jobs, good health, and of loved ones, May they find your love and the light of your promises

to be enough for the next step. Lead them to a place of hope, to find glimpses of joy in their journey. Bind up their wounds – so tenderly –

and fill them again with your goodness and mercy.

For those who grieve and seek a path forward toward hope, Oh Lord, hear our prayer. For those who have wandered far from you –

who feel forsaken, forgotten, or fearful, May they find that you are not so far off after all. May they trust in your prodigal love, And run into your outstretched arms with joy.

For those who are lost and in need of God’s welcome, Oh Lord, hear our prayer.  And lastly, we pray, for those of us who are comfortable –

safe, healthy and secure. We heartily thank you for your many blessings. May we be agents of your blessing to others

as we seek the peace and prosperity of this city. Lead us to those whom you look upon with compassion –

the overworked, the underfed, the neglected and the depressed. Fill us with your grace and mercy and love,

that we may be healers in your name

For those in need of what we have to offer, Oh Lord, hear our prayer.


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