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Welcome to my blog!

This is my place to explore my thoughts, questions, curiosities, and whims.

This is my attempt to get to know myself better, and hopefully something within it might shed light on your own journey.

Here are some of my hopes for this space:

I hope it will be a place to build community.

I hope it will be a place to celebrate beauty and kindness.

I hope it will be a safe space for courage, risk, and vulnerability.

It might sometimes be uncomfortable. I hope that’s okay, too.

I hope it will always invite you in, to be part of the conversation, so that we can learn and grow together.

I hope it will support you and me both in our belonging and becoming.

I’m looking forward to journeying with you!



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Hi! Thanks for stopping by!


If you are looking for a place to explore ideas, ask questions, wrestle with the familiar, investigate the unknown, and to get to know yourself and God better, then welcome! This is sacred space, and you are safe here.

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