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Spiritual Direction


How do we connect?

During Covid, we will most likely meet via phone, or perhaps via zoom. When the weather is nice, a porch visit at my home is possible, if you are comfortable with the odd passerby on the sidewalk. When the weather is chillier, we can explore Covid-appropriate options for in-person meetings. 

Are you going to ask me about my Bible readings and quiet times?

Nope! Not unless this is something you want to discuss. Spiritual Direction is neither accountability group nor confession time. There is no guilt or shame or should or ought here – rather, gentle and curious exploration of what you think, do, and feel, and the values and beliefs that motivate you.

I'm spiritual but not religious. Is spiritual direction for me?

Quite possibly! As an interfaith spiritual care provider in the hospital setting, I have experience in working with people across diverse traditions and spiritualities. Some of our language may be different, but our search for sacred meaning and purpose provide common ground for connection and understanding. However, if you are actively involved within a different faith community, you may want to consider seeking out a spiritual director who is affiliated within that tradition.

How much does it cost?

My suggested* rate is $75/hour, and payments may be made by check or e-transfer. I offer discounts if you schedule more than one session per month.


When there are enough interested participants (4-5), Group Spiritual Direction can provide an economical option. $40 per person/1.5 hours. Groups typically run 4-6 months at a time, and meet 1-2 times per month.


 I never want money to be a barrier for people seeking Spiritual Direction. I am willing to provide spiritual direction on a sliding scale, based on your financial ability. Please contact me to discuss a price that works for you.

Some spiritual directors don't charge. Why do you?

Some pastors and priests provide spiritual direction free of charge. This is part of their paid work for their parish. Others provide spiritual direction as a part of their own giving and volunteer service.

Most spiritual directors, however, provide spiritual direction for a fee. There are several good reasons for this:

  • Paying for spiritual direction means you are absolutely free to make the conversation all about you and your needs. For most people, this is a rare gift. 

  • People value what they pay for. Your payment of a fee is a sign of your own commitment and intention to prioritize your spiritual growth and journeying.

  • I have invested significant time and money into my own training and practice (including my own spiritual director) so that I can support you effectively. I will also invest time before and after each session - with prayerfulness, thoughtfulness, and focus on you and your spiritual journey.

  • A fee makes my practice financially, spiritually, and emotionally sustainable

Having said all that, I make room in my practice for free or discounted sessions for those in need - please contact me if money is a barrier to receiving spiritual direction. 

Do you offer other services besides spiritual direction?

I have led spirituality groups, facilitated retreats, and taught and preached on a wide range of topics within the areas of theology and spirituality. Please contact me if you have a particular need or idea, or stay tuned for more offerings that integrate theology, spirituality, and community.

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To learn more about spiritual direction, please see the following pages:


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