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Spiritual Direction

An Introduction

What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is the practice of companioning with people as they seek to understand and deepen their relationship with God. The person seeking direction is invited to share their stories and experiences with the divine and to explore how God is at work in their life. Through prayerful listening, reflective silence, and curious questioning, the director assists them in this transformative process of becoming a more intentional, integrated, and fulfilled human being.

Is spiritual direction for me?

Spiritual direction is for anyone who is seeking, hurting, longing, doubting, or desiring in their relationship with God. It can look quite different, depending on you and your story, and whether you are:


  • Desiring a deeper experience of relationship with God in your life

  • Longing for “something more” in your life - more meaning, more purpose, more joy, more gratitude, more present awareness...

  • Wrestling with disappointment in God

  • Struggling with doubt or disillusionment in your faith

  • Weighed down by grief or loss in your life

  • Wounded by your faith community

  • Looking for a safe place to process your developing or changing beliefs about God and faith

To learn more about spiritual direction, please see the following pages:


Welcome   Getting Started   My Story   FAQs 

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